Paula Abdul X-Factor rumor has been confirmed, and she will join Simon Cowell as a judge. Cowell has signed Paula Abdul to a $4 million contract for her role on the new show. Simon Cowell did say that he missed working with Paula, and as soon as I saw that interview, I immediately thought "Could he be signing Abdul for the X-Factor?" However, as much as that rumor started buzzing the Web, I didn't believe that he would do it. As a matter of fact, she's been missed on American Idol ever since her departure. 

Abdul has been signed on by Cowell as a judge for the American version of his hit British talent show The X Factor, which premieres next year. The show is different than American Idol, but it just seems as if the British are always ahead of us when it comes to music. They gave us the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy and Black Sabbath, and the number of pop-culture singers that seem to go on forever. 

Abdul, of course, has been languishing on the unemployment rolls since August, when she bailed on her American Idol gig. Abdul won't be pulling in $20 million for her new stint, but her contract is reportedly worth $4.5 million. It is a hefty sum amount of money to make during an economic recession. 

X-Factor means Paula Abdul snapping at Simon Cowell. They make great headlines together and that is one of the reasons that made the American Idol so popular. You can't have one and not the other. In fact, Cowell was offered $145 million to stay on American Idol, but he turned it down.


Simon Cowell reportedly wants Victoria Beckham to be a judge on the US version of The X Factor.

Beckham, who was a guest judge on Tuesday's American Idol premiere, is considering an offer for either a four-show or full-time deal, says The Mirror.

"Simon was trying to get hold of Victoria for a few days, keen to suggest a few X Factor dates," a source said.

The insider added: "When they did finally speak, she was incredibly flattered, not to mention surprised. Victoria told Simon she needs time to think about it as she is so busy with her fashion work right now.

"Looking at her hectic schedule, some of the dates mooted could be problematic as David is away, so she wants to work from home and look after the kids."

The forthcoming US X Factor is scheduled to air on Fox in 2011.




ITV has insisted that it has no plans to reschedule the date The X Factor airs in the UK.

Earlier today, reports speculated that the broadcaster may shift its major reality shows - Britain's Got TalentDancing On Ice and The X Factor - following Simon Cowell's announcment that he is taking the music talent show to America.

Cowell's first series of the US X Factor will air on Fox in autumn 2011, which will clash with the ITV show.

However, an ITV spokesperson claimed that Cowell's announcement at the TCA press tour on Monday came "as no surprise".

"We are absolutely planning for The X Factor to return this autumn and next," they told the BBC. They also confirmed that Cowell will continue with his "on-screen and production role" in the UK.

It is not clear how Cowell will have the time to act as a producer and judge on both shows, while continuing to mentor his acts. His role could potentially include two lives shows in both the UK and America every week. ITV would only reveal that it has "plans" to resolve the issue.


Simon Cowell has said that "everyone has been on the phone" since he confirmed plans for a US X Factor.

The 50-year-old reality TV star also confessed that he originally planned to continue doing American Idol alongside the new show, but revealed that he feared "overexposure".

"I've always wanted to bring this other show over here," he told Ryan Seacrest's KIIS FM show. "At one point I was going to do both shows, but you know about overexposure, Ryan!

"You can't be on TV too much. I genuinely thought people would be sick and tired of me."

When Seacrest pressed Cowell on who would be judging and hosting the US X Factor, he replied: "You'll have to wait and see, Ryan. Interestingly, since we made the announcement, everyone has been on the phone."

Paula Abdul and Louis Walsh are rumoured to be in consideration for the judging panel, while Dermot O' Leary has been linked to the host role.


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ITV bosses were last night reeling after Simon Cowell revealed they will have to shift the X Factor so it doesn’t clash with the new US version.

In America, Fox TV chiefs are crowing that they have landed the show in a £100million super-deal to sit alongside American Idol.

But they insist on X Factor being screened in the autumn.

It has left ITV bosses furious as the new deal will have a huge impact on their schedules.

A source close to Cowell said: “He wants to stay making X Factor in the UK as well as his American deal but he can’t be in two places at once.

“The only real option is for one of the shows to shift. It makes sense for X Factor to move in the UK.” From 2011 the British X Factor is likely to be in the first half of the year instead of Dancing On Ice, withBritain’s Got Talent moved months later along with the skating show.

As well as being screened at a different time, X Factor is likely to include new judges and possibly a new category. 

Speaking last night in America, Cowell also said he knew it was time to leave American Idol for the US version of X Factor. He said: “I’ve been doing this for nine years and it’s been a blast.”

Cowell thought about juggling Idol and The X Factor, but decided it would be best to “concentrate on one main show”.

Fellow X Factor judge Louis Walsh tipped the new show to be a big success. He told the Mirror: “If Simon is bringing X Factor to America I am sure it will be massive.

“He knows TV better than anyone else and he has an instinct for what people want to watch.

“I watched American Idol last series and I thought it looked a little bit tired. I think Simon has had enough of the format. But it is a big loss to Idol because people watch the show for him. Idol without Simon would be like the Rolling Stones without Mick Jagger.”



Simon Cowell has been meeting with Paula Abdul to discuss the possibility of bringing his former “American Idol” colleague on as a judge for his next television endeavor, an American version of his hit U.K. show, “The X Factor,” according to a report from TMZ.

Cowell announced on Monday that this season would be his last on “American Idol,” the show that made him a star in the United States.

Instead, he will serve as executive producer and judge on “The X Factor,” which will begin filming in 2011 and air on the Fox Network.

While speaking to reporters yesterday, Cowell said he "adores" Paula. 

"I will work with her in some capacity, because I miss her," he added.

Sources tell TMZ that the discussions between Cowell and Abdul have been going on for some time, with the most recent meeting taking place last week.

Abdul announced she would not return to “American Idol” after eight seasons as a judge in August of last year. Despite rampant speculation that Abdul was fired, sources close to the singer told FoxNews.com that she was offered a contract and it was her decision to turn it down.


X Factor judge Louis Walsh has predicted that the forthcoming US version of the show will be a huge success.

Simon Cowell announced yesterday that he is to quit the American Idol judging panel in order to launch The X Factor on Fox.

Speaking to The Mirror about Cowell's new project, Walsh commented: "I am sure it will be massive. He knows TV better than anyone else and he has an instinct for what people want to watch. I am sure it will be a big hit."

Walsh was last year tipped to appear as a judge on the US version. He later confirmed that he would "love" to be part of the programme.

The American version of The X Factor will launch in 2011.

Reported By Digital Spy's Daniel Kilkelly


While Fox has just announced that The X Factor: USA will air on Fox in 2011, And that the announcement to who will be on its judging panel will be announced soon. Well X Factor:USA has decided we should have a look at the rumoured judges.

For the females we have former American Idol Judge Paula Abdul, Former X Factor Judge Sharon Osbourne, Singer Mel B, Singing Superstar Mariah Carey, X Factor U.K Judge Cheryl Cole, Former Destinty's Child StarMichelle Williams, Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, Singer Shania Twain, Singing Superstar Cher, Jackson SisterJanet Jackson, Destinty Child Girl Kelly Rowland, Big Brother Star and Singer La Toya Jackson, Singing LegandDiana Ross and Barbra Streisand.

For the male judge these include X Factor Judge Louis Walsh, Singer and Producer Justin Timberlake, Singer and Producer Pharral Williams, Former Beatle Ringo Starr, Bee Gee Robin Gibb, American Idol Judge Randy Jackson , Singer Robin Gibb, Singing Legend Prince, Former Monkee Mickey Dolenz, Beyonce's Husband and Rap Star Jay-Z, Hip-Hop/Rapper Eminem, Singer Bryan Adams, Boys II Men Singer Nathan Morris and Music Legend Rod Sewart.

So there you have it our list of who we think could potentially become American X Factor Judges.


Simon Cowell has suggested that Paula Abdul may join him on the judging panel for the US version of The X Factor.

Earlier today it was confirmed that Cowell is stepping down from American Idol to concentrate on the new series, which will launch on Fox in 2011. Abdul was a judge on Idol for eight seasons but quit last year in a dispute over pay.

Asked whether Abdul could be part of The X Factor, Cowell replied: "I've gone on record, I adore Paula. Whatever happens, I will be working with her in some capacity because I miss her. You're just going to have to watch this space."

Cowell added that an announcement of the judging panel would be made "fairly soon".

Reported By Digital Spy's Neil Wilkes


U.S Television Network Fox announced they have picked up the rights to make television show The X Factor.

The talent show which originated from the U.K and is the brain child of its creator and judge Simon Cowell has today been unrelieved as a NEW show to air on Fox in 2011.

Cowell who earlier this week confirmed he was leaving Idol will be Executive Producing The X Factor and be a judge himself on the show. Asked who would be on the judging panel Cowell told the worlds press that an announcement on the judging panel will be announced soon.

It is believed the show will be airing a couple of weeks after American Idol Season 10 has aired.

Reported By Hayden Ellis